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If an umpire has not arrived at a game 10 minutes before the start time, please contact Zack Murtha at 917-647-2079



For 2018 only, Girls AA teams can play with only 6 players in the field, and the game will not be considered a forfeit.  If a team only has 6 players, the team batting should supply two outfielders so that 8 players will be in the field.  The players selected should be the girls who were the last 2 batters in the previous inning.

For all other draft divisions,  If a team has 7 or fewer players 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the game, the teams will still play the game and the umpire will stay and officiate the game, however for the purposes of the standings, the game will be deemed a forfeit.



Scores (and pitch counts for Boys AA, AAA, and Majors) must be reported by the winning team manager within 48 hours of the conclusion of a game.  If the score and pitch counts are not entered within 48 hours, the game will be considered a forfeit, and the losing team will be given a 6-0 victory.



For all teams in Majors and below, the goal should be for every player on the team to play at least 1 inning in the infield per game unless there is a bona fide safety concern.



Any ejection of a manager, coach, or player will result in an automatic 1-game suspension.  A second ejection in a season will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season.



In an effort to give you as much information as possible about field conditions as early in the day as possible, the Ardsley Little League Board will update the rainout hotline (914-222-3002) and post on the Ardsley Little League website a first evaluation of field and weather conditions on each questionable weekday by 12:30 pm.  By that time, we will have either decided that some or all games are canceled, or we will indicate that we need more time to evaluate.  


If we need more time to evaluate, the next update will be posted by 3:00 and a final decision will be posted by 4:00.  Our goal is to make a decision by 3:00, however, on days when we are really uncertain, we will make an ultimate decision by 4:00. 


On weekends, we will make an initial evaluation of 9:00 games by 7:45 am.  After that, updates will be made throughout the day depending on the game schedule.