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All rules according to most recent Little League Rules and Regulations.
In addition, the following “Local Rules” shall apply:


  1. Home team supplies 2 baseballs.
  2. Only 3 coaches are allowed in the dugout.
  3. Utilize a continuous batting order.
  4. Bunting is allowed.
  5. Stealing is allowed but only 1 base per batter. Eight (8) steals per game per team. Cannot steal home and cannot advance on catcher’s overthrow. Double steals are allowed and count as two steals.
  6. Balks will not be called.
  7. The game will end if the winning team is ahead by 12 runs after four innings (3½ innings if the home team is ahead).


  1. Intentional walks are not permitted.
  2. A player once removed as a pitcher may not pitch again in the same game.
  3. A pitcher who throws 41 pitches or more cannot catch in the same game.
  4. A catcher who catches more than 3 innings cannot pitch in the same game.
  5. See section VI-Pitchers (Little League Rule Book) for pitch count and rest rules.


  1. Every player must play in the field at least two consecutive innings and bat at least once.
  2. Rotate fielding substitutes game to game. (ie. DO NOT substitute same players every game.)
  3. Call-up Rule: The rating of the missing player will determine the rating of the player being called up. (ie. A 1 or 2 rated player missing will allow a 1 rated player being called up. A 3 or lower rated player missing will allow a 2 or 3 rated player being called up.) Call ups for Minor AAA should be 3rd graders and call ups for Majors should 5th graders. The call up can only play the outfield and has to bat last. The league commissioner will issue all call ups. A call up cannot be used to start a game over a roster player in the event of 10 players. However, once called up, they must play a minimum of 6 consecutive outs and bat at least once. There are no call ups during playoffs without permission from the Commissioner.