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  1. QUESTION: How do I find out if game is cancelled due to weather conditions?
    ANSWER: In the event of rain, please call the rainout phone line, 914-222-3002, or visit the website.
  1. QUESTION: Where is McDowell Park?
    ANSWER: McDowell Park is located on Heatherdell Road in Ardsley. For directions click here
  1. QUESTION: When will I find out what team my son/daughter is on?
    ANSWER: Members will be contacted by their coach in March for the Spring Season.
  1. QUESTION: I would like my son/daughter to play on the same team as his best friend. Can we do this?
    ANSWER: You can submit requests during registration for players ages 8 and under.
  1. QUESTION: When does the Spring season begin?
    ANSWER: Practices usually begin during the middle of April.
  1. QUESTION: When will the Spring season end?
    ANSWER: The season usually ends the third week of June.
  1. QUESTION: Will my child receive a trophy at the end of the season?
    ANSWER: All children that participate in T-Ball and A-Ball will receive a trophy at the end of the season. At the Double A level and above, only the winners and losers of the championship game will receive a trophy.
  1. QUESTION: What equipment do I need to purchase?
    ANSWER: The only equipment you need is a baseball mitt. And for age 9 and above, athletic supporters/protective cups are required. All other equipment purchases (bats, helmets, pants, socks, catching equipment, etc.) are optional however it is recommended that each player purchase their own batting helmet.
  1. QUESTION: How do I get involved in coaching or managing a team?
    ANSWER: Application forms are available at our walk-in registrations in the spring. Coaches and managers will need to fill out a Volunteer Application. You can also download these forms on-line here and mail them to us.
  1. QUESTION: How are coaches and managers selected?
    ANSWER: A special meeting of the Board of Directors decides who will manage at each level, and who is eligible to coach.
  1. QUESTION: What is the difference between a manager and a coach?
    ANSWER: Managers organize the team practices and determine the lineups and playing time during the games. They are responsible for collecting, cleaning and returning the equipment, and are ultimately responsible for leading their team, their coaches and their parents. Like managers, coaches are responsible for teaching the game to the kids at practices and games, and filling in as manager when needed.
  1. QUESTION: As a parent, what can I do to help?
    ANSWER: Support your coaches, as they are volunteering a great deal of time to ensure that your son or daughter enjoys the best possible season. Help out whenever you can offering a hand with field preparation, picking up trash when you see it lying on the ground. Practice as often as possible with your child at home, for the better they become at the game, the more they will enjoy it. And most of all, be supportive of your children as they learn this game, cheer for both sides during the games and be kind to our umpires. Don't become one of those crazed "sports moms or dads" you read about in the news.
  1. QUESTION: What is the league age of my child?
    ANSWER: The age of your child on April 30th (Boys born prior to 2006) or January 1 (All Girls and Boys who are born in 2006 or later) is considered to be his/her "league age." This determines what level your child is qualified to play.  For further details visit our Information section of the website.
  1. QUESTION: What activities would occur during the season in a typical week?
    ANSWER: The season, a typical week might include either one game and one practice or 2 games. The days/times will vary, but typically one event will be on a weekday evening (from 6-8pm), and one event will be on a weekend during the day (sometime between 9am-7pm).
  1. QUESTION: How can I find out more information about using the website?
    ANSWER: The User Guide is an excellent resource that provides details including instructions on Registration, Accessing the Website and Team Pages.